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  1. Purchase anniversary.
  2. Early access to X.
  3. Free gift with next purchase.
  4. Last chance to X offer.
  5. BOGO X% OFF.
  6. Free shipping for life.
  7. Because you clicked.
  8. Message from the founder.
  9. Bunddle campaign.
  10. Best-seller campaign.
  11. Gift card campaign.
  12. Give away announcement.
  13. Product education + incentive.
  14. Product of the month.
  15. Unluck X OFF in the next 2 orders.
  16. Because you opened.
  17. Holiday campaign.
  18. Summer sale.
  19. Back to school.
  20. Flash sale.
  21. Back in stock.
  22. Entertainment + promo.
  23. Product lunch + FOMO.
  24. Limited availability.
  25. Cross-sell promotion.
  26. Birthday reward.
  27. Free gift.
  28. Exclusive site sales.
  29. VIP deals.
  30. Free x with next purchase over X$.
  31. Replenishment reminder.
  32. Free perk for life.
  33. Thank you for camapign.
  34. Text plain email promotion.

Some results that these campaigns have brought to my clients.


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