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From $263,876/year to $4,010,663/year

Last year, I took over an underwear brand’s email marketing strategy. 

In the first 12 months, I 15x’d revenue. 

Here’s the exact strategy:

Background Brand: can’t disclose Niche: Women’s underwear Problem: poor email strategy Literally, they were leaving millions on the table by not taking email marketing seriously… I took over and did this:

  1. Throughout the year, I installed multiple pop-ups that had 13%+ sign-up rates, 

these were some of the baits I used

  1. Freebie with 1st purchase
  2. 15% OFF in the next 2 purchases
  3. $10 OFF for life 
  4. VIP access
  5. FREE shipping for life
  6. Get X for free


  1. Crafted the following flows. 
  • Welcome
  • Abandoned cart
  • Browse abandonment
  • Site abandonment
  • Abandoned check-out
  • Post-purchase
  • Customer win-back
  • VIP
  • Birthday flow
  • Because you clicked
  • Because you opened
  • Cross-sell / Upsell flow
  1. Campaigns I came up with mutiple segments. 6 segments out of a «highly-engaged» tier 4 segments out of a «win-back» tier 3 segments out re-engagement

I’ve been sending  +/- 44 emails per month. 

sending 75% of the emails to the highly engaged audience 20% to the win-back tier and 5% to the re engagement segment

My goals for each email are: 

  • keep open rates between 15% and 25%
  • CTR higher than 1%
  • revenue per recipient higher than $1

in terms of content, I  took a value-based approach for 80% of the emails and a promotional approach for the other 20%

Keys to my success:

  • great products & customer service
  • lots of website traffic
  • no email marketing before my management (huge opportunity)
  • the brand was already doing Ms per month, so it was quite easy to bump their revenue with email

Now… if you’re making over 40k/mo and would want me to take over your email marketing strategy.

Feel free to book a free scaling session with me.

I’ll analyze your store and see if my services would be a good fit for you.