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Last month, I completely transformed this eCom brand’s email strategy

Here are 4 steps that you can use today 

to replicate this success in your brand

Here’s some proof of the results:

First Step:

Capture 8-12% of your website traffic using pop-ups that offer an incentive in exchange for name & email

Your incentive could be:

Sign up and receive…

  • % OFF
  • $ OFF
  • A free product if you spend more than $
  • Valuable content
  • Entry to a giveaway

Second step:

Automate your entire customer life journey using pre & post-purchase flows, such as:

  • Welcome sequence
  • Abandoned cart flow
  • Browse abandonment
  • Thank you / Post Purchase
  • Winback flow
  • VIP Flow

These flows will help you increase conversions at the pre-purchase stages of the customer journey.

(Awereness –  Consideration – Decision)

And also increase CLTV at post-purchase stages of the customer journey

(Purchase – Retention – Advocacy).

Other flows that can help you add up revenue:

  • Birthday flow
  • First purchase anniversary
  • Back in stock flow
  • Product replenishment
  • Bounce-back flow

Third Step:

Turn your email list into a money-making machine through the use of 2 things

  • Segmentation
  •  Highly valuable and personalized content

Within any email list, you have multiple pockets or audiences in different stages of the customer’s life journey.

You have people that have bought from you multiple times.

But you also have people that are subscribed but have never bought.

Each of these audiences needs a special message to convert. 

The reasons why someone that has bought from you multiple times keeps buying are different from the reasons why someone that has never bought from you makes the decision to buy for the first time

Therefore, if you default to sending general messages to general audiences, you’ll never succeed…

In summary, to send a campaign:

First, you define a segment, and then you create the content that the segment needs in order to convert

Fourth Step:

Integrate SMS into your email strategy by adding SMS into your welcome, abandoned, and post-purchase flows then start sending 2-3 text campaigns per month.

Fifth Step:

Ongoing optimization


If you want me to take over your email and SMS marketing strategy to implement this 5-step process in your brand then, book a free scaling session with me.

I’ll analyze your store with you and see if my services would be a good fit for you.