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Here are 33 subject line templates that will instantly skyrocket your open rates
  1. NEW: [Product Title].
  2. [Flash Sale] [Name of Product] [Discount].
  3. How [Type Of Person] did [Action They Took].
  4. The Best Of [Topic].
  5. Here’s Why We [Something Remarkable].
  6. My Big [Topic] Mistake.
  7. [Authority’s Name] [Topic + Secret/Tips].
  8. [Action] Now.
  9. How To [Achieve Desired Result].
  10. Do THIS [Benefit].
  11. [Number] experts [Topic].
  12. The [Percentage] Rule Of [Topic].
  13. Normally we charge [Old Price]. You Get It For [New Price].
  14. Last call: [Name Of Product] closes in [#] hours.
  15. Fix Your [Problem] Now.
  16. Try Out [Product] For Yourself.
  17. Time Left]: [What’s on offer] for [Discount].
  18. Quick Announcement: [Topic] is here.
  19. Proof That [Product] Works.
  20. Don’t buy [Product Name] until you read this.
  21. Imagine [Desired Result].
  22. Save [Discount] [Items] This [Season]!
  23. The most surprising [Product] features you aren’t using.
  24. [Number] People Can’t Be Wrong.
  25. Use This [Thing].
  26. A better way to [achieve goal].
  27. Only X days left to get X% off [Product].
  28. I forgot to mention [Topic].
  29. [One more thing] about [topic].
  30. Action Required: [Task].
  31. Introducing [Product]: A better way to [Desired result].
  32. Warning: [ Funny Phrase].
  33. [First Name].

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