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  1. Hype your list about the big drop that is going to happen in X date hype 3 weeks before the drop, then 2 weeks before, and then 2 times in the week of the drop
  2. the day of the drop take an engaged segment and send a personalized «message from the founder» letter. announcing the drop and an opportunity to get a big discount between X times of the day (send this email in the morning)
  3. in the afternoon broaden the segment and send an email fill with social proof reminding about the limited time offer
  4. in the evening send this email to all your list Subject: Deals like these are not going to last Hi {{first_name}} One last reminder: Our website is X% OFF on this new product But as you’re subscribed to our newsletter, then you can get an extra X% OFF Use code «X» CTA

A recent result I got for one of my clients using this strategy $30,200 in one day…

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