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I automate this brain-dead simple email flow and 45 days later this brand started doing $45,987/mo here’s how you can do the same for your brand

This flow is called the «because you opened» email and it’s basically an automation that is sent out to subscribers that have opened 5 emails in a row

Email 1: in this email, you’re offering an incentive just because they opened Here’s an example: «Hey [First_name] Just because you’re a loyal reader and opened our last 5 emails, we want to say thank you and reward you with a [INCENTIVE] [Product block] CTA: Use My Reward»

Email 2: Reminder Example: Hey [first name] remember the [INCENTIVE] we gave you for being such a loyal reader of our newsletter?? Well…is only going to last 6 more hours!!! So, use it now before its gone [Product block] CTA: Use my reward now

To set up this email you just have to create a segment with the definition I provided above and then create a flow that triggers every time a subscriber joins that segment and that’s it!

Now… if you’re making over 40k/mo and would want me to take over your email and SMS marketing strategy feel free to book a free scaling session with me. I’ll analyze your store with you and see if my services would be a good fit for you.