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I charge $7k+ per month for email and SMS marketing Today, I’m gonna give you my top secrets for free. Here are 7 of them
  1. Focus on growing your email list.

Email subscribers spend 138% more on average than non-subscribers.

So, the most powerful tactic to prioritize is building an audience.

A bigger list means more rev the best way to supercharge your email acquisition efforts is using pop-ups.


  1. You’re doing nothing if you acquire 1x buyers without turning them into repeated buyers It will lead to unprofitability and lots of stress for you and your team Use Post-Purchase Flows to retain and leverage your purchasers, increasing their CLTV and reducing chargebacks. 
  2. Set up the following flows
  • welcome flow.
  • abandoned cart flow.
  •  browse abandonment flow.
  •  thank you flow.
  •  win-back flow.
  •  VIP flow.
  1. get better email designs

if you have a beautiful website but ugly emails that’s a huge incongruency that will make people get scammy vibes out of your brand.


  1. Stop blasting your entire email list


Develop an extensive email campaign calendar with a good mix of value vs promo content.


  1. 9800% returns on SMS messages

The amount of money I made for my clients using SMS messages was unbelievable.

If you’re not using SMS, this is your «wake-up call» to start doing it.

Just make sure to have a consistent campaign frequency without pissing people off.


  1. Send at least 12 email campaigns and 2 SMS messages per month

define the best audiences in your email and SMS list and then send tailored-to-their-needs content.

Now… if you’re making over 40k/mo and would want me to take over your email and SMS marketing strategy feel free to book a free scaling session with me. (click here).

I’ll analyze your store with you and see if my services would be a good fit for you.