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But first, some proof of the results:

Contact captures are the most underrated things in the email marketing game. But for me, contact captures are key to the success of any retention strategy. Cause it will help us gather subscribers that we can later email and make money out of

The more subscribers on our list, the more money we make and most importantly, the more people would enter one of the highest rev generating email flows: The welcome flow

it’s simple, the more people you convert on the pop-up the more people will go through the welcome flow the more money you’ll make out of that flow Even a 1% increase in sign-up conversion could mean thousands of dollars generated down the line

 The secret lies on optimizing the pop up and how you do that? not by changing the design on your sign-up not by changing the fonts not by making it load on exit intent but by testing the offer

A great sign-up incentive will always beat any design or ninja tactic in the case of this brand they were running a basic pop up offering a 5% off code

after analyzing their product offering, I noticed they had a really cheap product with great margins literally, it cost $1 and they were selling it for $15 so this is what I did: I offered that product for free in the first purchase if they signed up for the newsletter

right off the bat the sign-up rate went from 5% to 15.4% it literally 10X’d that way the traffic in the welcome flow 10Xed as well and we were able to convert way more people

and that one my friends are my two cents for today please test this strategy and let me know how it goes

Now… if you’re making over 40k/mo and would want me to take over your email and SMS marketing strategy feel free to book a free scaling session with me. I’ll analyze your store with you and see if my services would be a good fit for you