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Last year I made my clients over $8 million dollars in sales through email marketing flows. here are 12 email flows that will boost your eCom brand revenue by at least 20% in the next 45 days (…If they don’t, I’ll PayPal you $100)

1 Welcome Series 3-5 emails Delivering sign-up incentive introducing products or categories Establishing brand voice and ethos It should be customized for purchasers vs. non-purchasers

  1. Browse abandonment 2-3 emails Highlighting recently browsed items alongside dynamic product recommendations to help shoppers find the right product for them
  2. Cart abandonment This flow captures users who add to the cart but do not start the checkout. You should send 3 emails dynamically displaying carted products and nudging to checkout.
  3. Checkout abandonment 3 emails Featuring exact products left behind Address potential barriers to purchase (avoid leading with discounts)
  4. Non-purchaser 3+ emails Post-welcome series to educate and entice users who have yet to order; potentially incentivize beyond the sign-up discount to motivate first purchase.
  5. Low or back in stock 1 email per product For popular products, low-stock warnings create exclusivity and scarcity; send back-in-stock alerts to interested shoppers.
  6. Post-purchase 6-8 emails Expressing gratitude Including FAQs Giving value related to the items purchased Giving special incentives to buy a second product (segment for new vs. returning customers)
  7. Cross-sell or Upsell 3-5 emails Promoting commonly purchased-together products, or similar products
  8. Re-engagement 3 emails Target subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked within 90-180 days and give them special incentives to come back; suppress non-engagers to maintain list health.
  9. Review request 2 emails Asking for UGC or reviews in exchange for a discount
  10. Loyalty Every time a customer meets a milestone, send an email with a reward Ex: the customer has purchased 5 times, you give them a 50%off discount the customer has spent $500 in all-time purchases, you give a product for free opened 5 emails, you give a special access
  11. Winback 3 emails To purchasers who haven’t come back within 60 to 90 days, depending on the typical repurchase rate; feature new products or incentives for return.

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