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Here’s the story: the founder of this brand, DMed me and exposed to me the following situation… His brand had a really low AOV and high ad costs. He was losing money on almost every order. literally, the more orders he took the bigger the hole he had to dig himself out of

So he came to me and ask me to set up a back-end solution for this issue… The goal? Take the business out of bankruptcy.

And that’s exactly what I did. How? Aside from reinventing the brand’s back-end We created this specific automation called «bounce-back» that really helped us increase this client’s CLTV

What’s an automated bounce-back email? It’s an offer given to customers immediately upon purchase designed to “bounce that customer back.”

Why should you care about this? Because this flow can literally unlock hidden profits for you overnight and help you solve the one-time buyer problem.

The one-time buyer problem: Most brands have a large percentage of one-time buyers, and they’re often unprofitable.

Advertising costs are too high and on top of that, you gotta pay for:

-Customer service


-Payment processors fees

-Team payroll


That means that unless you are lucky enough to have low costs per purchase or massive margins. You’re probably facing the «one-time customer problem,» too.

how you solve this?

 – Acquire a first-time buyer 

– Get that customer to come back and buy again using email marketing. 

This is how you win: CAC < CLTV

And that is exactly what my bounce-back automation can do.

How to set it up? go to your Klaviyo account and set up your Klaviyo flow with the following conditions: Trigger: Placed order Flow filters: Has placed order equals 1 overall time


Once you have the flow set, you are going to add only one email featuring your bounce-back offer. The ideal bounce-back offer has high margins and is low-priced… Make it an «impulse buy”

Think of this offer as the classic McDonald’s “You want fries with that?” cross-sell.

Once you’ve got your bounce-back offer… Write the copy and design your email. This email needs to have 3 critical elements:

– Urgency

– Limited options

– Clear CTA

 After the email is done Turn the flow «live» And watch the money coming in!

Anywho: If you want me to implement a proven to work email strategy for your brand feel free to book an email & sms marketing scaling session with me. I’ll analyze your store and see if my services would be a good fit for you.