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This is the framework:

  • Subject.
  • Preview.
  • Headline.
  • Point A.
  • Agitation.
  • Point B.
  • Mechanism.
  • Social proof.
  • Guarantees.
  • CTA.

Subject line:

It needs to be a short, clear, and personalized subject line relevant to your audience.

Preview text:

This should work as a support of your subject line, driving curiosity to open the email.

After we have the basics to get our email open, we’re going to transition to the actual content of the email.

And before we get into it. 

I want to cover the reason why people buy things.

Most founders think people buy things because of their product’s features. But that is not true. Imma explain to you the actual reason with the following story of a guy on an island.

As you can see in the picture

We have Joe over island A

He’s pretty much close to death.

He doesn’t have any food, house, sex, or water.

The only thing that Joe wants is 

To get over to Island B

So he can reunite with his family, his friend, get water, food, sex, etc.

In other words

Joe is in a lousy situation, and he wants to get to the desired situation in which he will be more comfortable.


In between those 2 situations we have a gap. 

Point A —-GAP—-> Point B

Now why o people buy things?

People buy things to transition from state 1 to state 2

They don’t buy the vehicle.

They buy the transformation

In this case, our friend Joe doesn’t buy the vehicle actually; he doesn’t care about what mechanism is gonna take him from Island A to Island B. 

It could be a boat, a plane, a bird, or whatever, Joe doesn’t care 

He just wants to get to Island B.

And the amount of money that Joe is gonna pay for that transformation

Is proportional to how big the gap is!

Following this narrative 

You want to identify the current situation your market is in

And start your email body content 

Making your readers aware of the lousy situation they’re in

Then you want to agitate it

Talking about all the negative things that come with being in that situation If the situation is being fat, you talk about how hard it is to find clothes that hide weight How something as simple as going to the pool becomes an anxiety-inducing mess, etc.

This is where you get them to feel really emotional

Because obviously, they hate this problem. 

So when they read about it, all those really strong negative emotions come flowing in.

After you’re done portraying their horrible current situation 

Then you start talking about how good the Point B

Or the desired situation looks like

ou write about all the good and beautiful things of being in the point B


You introduce the mechanism ( YOUR PRODUCT ) 

That will bridge the gap between

Point A 


Point B

Explain how it works/looks like, etc

After that, you gotta provide overwhelming evidence that your mechanism works

Through the use of reviews, UGC, and guarantees.

At this point, we have already covered 

The first 2 parts of the emails

Now we are going to transition to the close!


In here you’re going to explain to your readers how to get your offer and why they should grab it right then and there!

And that’s it, my friends this is the framework responsible for getting me multiple 5 & 6 figure emails both for me and my clients

Now… if you’re running an eCom brand and would like me to handle your brand’s email marketing dm me «retention» and let’s talk!